School Readiness Testing

Academic Testing
Academic Testing

Academic testing can be administered to students in grades 1-12. (For grades Pre-K and K, see School Readiness testing.) If your child is homeschooled, in a Montessori setting, or simply in need of additional testing, we can help determine your child’s ability and performance level. This battery is comprised of seven subtests: Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Quantitative Skills and Verbal Skills. Future Plans and School Interests sections are also included in the battery.

IQ Testing (ages 6-16)

Have you ever wondered about your child’s intellectual ability? An IQ test can be helpful in determining his or her ability level, allowing you to tailor your approach to academic services based on your child’s ability level. These assessments measure intellectual functioning and an individual’s basic ability to understand their world. In addition, they take into account the child’s ability to assimilate their knowledge into their environmental experience. IQ tests assess functions such as memory, visual and verbal reasoning skills, as well as visual and verbal learning ability. This comprehensive approach allows for a better understanding of the overall child.

School Readiness

School readiness assessment is available for children in Pre-K and Kindergarten, preparing to enter Kindergarten or 1st grade. The assessment will supply you with a good understanding of how your child is performing in math, phonics, comprehension, visual discrimination and more. A written report will be supplied to parents which addresses areas of concern and strategies for helping your child improve in these areas. You will know how your child compares to other children in his/her age group.

The process takes 2 sessions to complete. Your child will be tested in the first session. The assessment will be discussed in the second session. Typically the child does not attend the second session.

Testing helps to eliminate surprises. It allows parents to be informed from the start about where their child excels and where he struggles. It gives parents a chance to prepare for the upcoming school year, and to work with their child on certain subjects if necessary.

Typically, testing is done between December and March. So call us today to make your appointment.

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